Online Pokies Are Awesome

Slots are fun, we all know that, and we’ve all enjoyed our fair share of pokies at the pub. The thing with pokies online though, is that we can play them anytime anywhere, from our mobile or laptop. And with a couple of clicks you have access to the best online pokies available.

  Rank Casino   Rating Players Bonus Payout Platform Play/Review  
97/100 AU$1600 97.47%
95/100 AU$750 96.79%
93/100 AU$800 96.26%
92/100 AU$600 95.77%

The Best Online Pokies Reviews

These are some of the top pokies online. Check them out and start playing

A Beginners Introduction to Online Pokies in Australia

When Pokies (Aussie Slots) started coming up online I avoided them at first. I wasn’t sure if they were safe or not. I was wondering: “Are they legal in Australia? Are they safe? Are they rigged?”. But at the same time I was wondering if I was missing out on something.

So I decided to open a free account to check them out. First I started playing online (with the flash player) with a free account at Spin Palace. I played a lot of online poker machines, and decided it was pretty good.

I contacted their support team through the phone, and told them my concerns. Are you guys a real business? Will I be able to withdraw my money after playing? What happens if I have any problem?

I talked in the phone for about 15 minutes with a lady that assured me that they were indeed an established business, and she pointed me in the right direction to check their gambling licenses and industry certifications. It turns out these are real companies that operate within the compliance of countries such as the UK, and Malta, to name just a couple.


The #1 Question: Where to Play Pokies Online!

Granted, some pokie casinos are safe and legitimate operations, but some are not. So where does that leave you?

Lucky (for you!) we made the mistakes and got burnt a couple times, so you don’t have to.

This website is basically a compilation of the ONLY online casinos that we trust enough to recommend to anyone else and start playing online pokies safely. If you play on any of these casinos, you may win or lose (duh!) but they won’t scam you, and they will 100% honour their payments.

Not only that, some of these online casinos have cool promotions to attract new players. These are what they call "sign up bonuses" which means basically you get a welcome bonus when you sign up as a new player and play pokies online. Also, this may be obvious to some, but I'll just add that you can also play other games for real money at these online casinos. For example, you can play Online Poker, Video Poker, Online Roulette, and Blackjack.

Check our ratings table for details on the bonus promotions, but the Jackpot City online casino offers as much as AUD$1,600 and Spin Palace offers AUD$1,000 in the form of 100% “match-up bonus” (this means they “match” whatever you deposit up to that amount. If you deposit AUD$100, then you start playing with AUD$200. If you deposit AUD$1,000, then you start playing with AUD$2,000).

So make sure you scroll up and check that comparison table and take advantage of these online casino promotions. You can register and deposit money in more than one casino to take advantage of all these free cash bonuses.


What Types of Bonus and Promotions can you Expect?

Even though I already gave you the basics, I feel like I should get you up to speed with the basic terms people throw around when talking about bonuses and online casinos.

What is a No Deposit Bonus?

This may also be referred to as a Free Bonus and you are eligible to it with no money and no deposit required. No need to deposit any real money. You may be required though to enter your credit card details to verify your age in the online casino that are signing up at. These are available in slots casinos in Australia.

These types of bonuses are generally a small amount, and they generally are only allowed to be withdrew after a large number of wagers. You should make sure you read the fine print before accepting one of these bonuses, although with a “no deposit” offer, you really have no money to lose. Only time.

When you login to your new account you will be able to find the bonus codes available for 2016.

What is a Match-Up Bonus?

These are the type of bonuses where the casino will match your deposit based on a pre existing promotion scale. For example, in a 100% match-up bonus, you deposit AUD$1 and you play with AUD$2.

In a 50% match-up bonus, you deposit AUD$2, and you play with AUD$3.

Different casinos have many different ways they combine these offers, and you should make sure that you take advantage of everything they are willing to give away for free. It’s a much better deal than you get at the Pub or at the real casinos.

What is a Welcome Bonus?

A welcome bonus is only given once, to new players when they start playing Australian online pokies. Once you sign up and take advantage of it, you can’t claim it again. But don’t worry, it’s not all bad, keep on reading!

What is a Loyalty Bonus?

See? Told you to keep on reading. Loyalty Bonuses are meant to reward loyal players with surprise free cash, spins, and overall just overwhelming feeling that the loyalty team is treating you like a VIP. Some casinos reward their loyal high rollers with trips to Bahamas and other fantastic treats. But this is not advertised so we shouldn’t even be mentioning it. Definitely don’t count on it unless you are one of those high rollers that like to play big amounts.

What about Banking Options? How Do I Deposit and Withdraw Money?

The next question I usually get from people who want to start with online gaming is “how do I pay and deposit money at the online casinos account in Australia?”, and following, “how do I get the money back?”.

The online pokies and casino industry has been pretty smart at regulating itself through the use of gambling licenses, and the development of gambling friendly online payment systems like Neteller, uKash, Poli, Skrill (Moneybookers) or Paysafecard. It is very easy to deposit money in any of these using your Visa or Mastercard.

These are established and licensed companies similar to paypal, although they are not as well known as paypal obviously. We personally used these payment systems and we haven’t had any problems with them.

They send you a card which you can use to extract fund from your ATM, pay online or at any store like you would with a regular credit or debit card, or if you prefer you can send the funds electronically to your bank account.

The casinos we list on this website accept Australian currency, so you can simply deposit and withdraw with your Aussie Dollars without paying any annoying currency exchange.

Customer Support is not a Joke!

Many of the questions we get have to do with customer support.

  • What if I mock up the download and my computer crashes?
  • Will it work on my MAC? On my PC? On Windows Phone?
  • What if my iPhone runs out of space?
  • I can’t find the App on the Google Play Store so I can’t play in my Android!
  • What about my Blackberry? Nokia? HTC?
  • What about payments, bonuses, free spin credits, etc?
  • What will happen if I don’t understand something about my account, my available balance, or anything else related to my money?

Relax... the customer support team is pretty good and very professional and they are used to getting these questions and they will help you through any of these problems.

You can get them on the phone, skype, chat or email. They have an awesome multilingual team, so even though you are playing from Australia, if you prefer to speak any other language they’ll be very accommodating and get you the help you need.

In 2016 in Australia, Most People Play Online Pokies on Their Mobile Phones

This is no surprise to anyone who hasn’t been living under a cave. But the growing trend of mobile use has been no foreign to slots players.

From the statistics we see through this website, we can take a wild guess that more than two thirds of pokie games are played on a mobile device.

These games are available on Ipad, Iphone, and any Android compatible device or tablet. Desktop versions are available on PC and MAC.

They are also available with no download, or you can simply install the software or app in your device.

The point is... Mobile Slots are here to stay, and possibly to take over.

Here, Read some Online Pokies Strategies and Tips

Well, there are actually some slot strategies you should follow. I am not talking about how to hack or cheat the game, or how to guarantee to win. There is no such thing because this is a game of luck.

These tips will help you to have fun and enjoy online pokies the way they are supposed to be enjoyed.

Tip #1:

Decide how much you are going to spend, and when/if that limit is reached, then end your sessions and turn off the screen.

Tip #2:

Do some research on the slots (there are more than 300 in most of these casinos) and decide on which one you should play. Different games have different features, different bankroll requirements, different graphics styles, paylines, reels, etc.

Decide which one is the best fit for you, and go with it. This is why starting with a free account is so good, because it lets you figure out the details of every game without risking a dime. After that, once you decided on what game you are going to play, you can start wagering pokies for real money.

Tip #3:

Play Progressive Pokies. They are awesome, but avoid them if they have recently paid out their progressive jackpots. This means that in the chance that you hit the jackpot, you are only going to get paid what has been accumulated during the time since the last payout.

Instead, play progressive jackpot pokies that have been accumulating for a long time. If you hit one of those, you wont be working for a looong time... With online pokies, this is probably the smartest option.

Tip #4:

Choose slots with a RTP higher than 95% (keep reading to find out what RTP means).

Tip #5:

If you are an adrenaline lover, you surely will enjoy high variance games. These are online poker machines with big wins, and also big losses. You can either make it or break it. Play at your own risk, and don’t be irresponsible!

These are the Most Common Online Pokies Terms You Need to Know About

Slots are great fun, but for the unexperienced it can be confusing when we throw terms around like “payline”, “reels”, “wager”. “spins”, etc. So let me clear some of these things out for you:

If you are new to Online Pokies you might not know what is a Payline

A Payline is great, because when you hit one, you get paid! Simply put, it is the pattern of symbols that represent a win.

Traditionally, classic games used to have 9 paylines. But as things got more fun, and pokie players got more demanding, the software providers started making games with more paylines, which is not only more fun, but also increase the frequency of winning rounds.

Are you into the Maths and the Statistics? Read On...

If you play a traditional 5 reel pokie machine with 3 rows of winning symbols, then you are looking at a total number of possible combinations of 243. Remember we told you that developers increased the amount of paylines? They took it from 9 to about 40 (it depends on the onlinepokie). This is roughly 16% of total combinations.

But it gets a little trickier. New slots included a fourth row. Now this brings the possible combination of paylines to over 1K. If there are 50 paylines available, that represents about 5% of the possible variations.

Even with this new design, when you do the math you realise that the return still is about 95%.

What is this Return you are Talking About? What does it mean when a casino claims to have a 97.89% "Payout", or "Return", (also referred to as RTP – return to player)

The Return, or RTP represents the percentage of money that goes back to the player. You know what they say: "The House Always Wins". This is why the Return will Always be less than 100%. With a Return of 97.89% (that is Spin Palace return BTW) for every AUD$100 you wager, you would theoretically get AUD$97 and 89 cents back. This is however in the long term. In the short term, anything could happen, you might win or you might lose. So be sure to play with money you can afford to lose... mmmk?

What is a Spin?

It is the button that makes the reels spin! Simple right?


When you win, there is some money deposited in your account. If you use the Gamble button you can use the earnings from the previous spin and roll them into your new bet.


The sweet feeling that you get when you press the Collect button. This makes your winnings go into your bankroll. It means you took them out of the game you were playing, and are available for withdraw or to play different games.

Auto Spin Mode

This is a semi automatic mode you can choose if you wish. You can press the plus or minus buttons, to control the amount of spins that you want to have while the game plays itself.

Bet Per Line

This is a button you can use to increase your wager by one unit at a time. It differs from the “Bet Max” which allows you to wager the max allowed of coins per payline.

What are Progressive Pokies Online?

Maybe you heard the term before: “progressive pokies”, or “progressive jackpots” or “jackpot pokies”.

These essentially all refer to the same types of pokie games where a jackpot is progressively accumulated on every bet where a player doesn’t come on top with a win. So in other words, if the casino makes money on a spin, a percentage of that goes to a common pool (this is pool of money is essentially the jackpot) and then when a player hits the jackpot, he or she wins all the cash accumulated in the pool.

Depending on the amount of time and the amount of players that have been increasing the jackpot size, the amount of money is going to be different. You can check this page to see a live update of jackpot sizes. Sometimes jackpots are in the thousands, sometimes in the hundreds of thousands, and sometimes in the millions.

The cool thing about playing pokies online with jackpot (especially big jackpots!) is that your odds of winning at the game remain the same, plus you also get an additional chance of hitting the jackpot, so essentially you are improving the maths in your favour.

What are Pokies Tournaments?

Pokie Tournaments are a lot of fun, and add a twist to those frequent players that may need something to spice up the excitement. Microgaming casinos (which we happen to be fans of) are one of the best when it comes to tournament options.

The main concept of a an all slots tournament is that all players participate on the same game during a period of time, and the one who accumulates more credits wins.

Freeroll Tournaments

Most tournaments are freeroll, which means registered members of the casino don’t need to pay a fee to participate.
When you play, you’ll try to accumulate more credits than other players and win. Freeroll tournaments usually have low payouts and they are hosted several times a day.

Sit and Go Tournaments

These are a bit different. You do need to pay an entry fee (which you are then allowed to wager as part of the tournament, so it’s not really a “fee”.

These tournaments are not scheduled though… they are always available as long as there are enough players to make it happen.

Scheduled Tournaments

These are announced and scheduled tournaments with the biggest prize pools. They have a set scheduled beginning and end. As with the others, the players that accumulated most credits wins.

Can I Play Free Pokies?

Of course, once you sign up for an account in any of these casinos, you can play free versions of any game (not just pokies online, all the other casino games too.)

This is the perfect way to get started if you are new to pokies online, and feel a little overwhelmed with the rules and wagering options.

The Modern Slots, so that we never get bored!

How do online pokies work? Traditionally, you think of the classic 3 reel fruit machines with a lever that needs to be pulled down in order to spin the reels right?

Those slot machines were the original ones, and they were mechanic. Modern slots work different now, they have a software running their spins and combinations.

With software ran pokies came innovation. More reels, more symbols, more combinations, more paylines, and the ability to get creative with the graphics, animations and themes. Welcome to the world of Video, 3D and Themed Pokies.

These usually have 5 reels, and the variety of symbols and combinations are used to create a storyline around a theme.

Below is a list of some Themed Pokies Online that you can play:

  • Lord Of The Rings (LOTR): Duh… the trilogy!
  • Mega Moolah: African Safari
  • Tomb Raider: the movie (Lara Croft)
  • Game of Thrones: the hit TV show
  • Hitman: Gangster theme
  • Battlestar Galactica: TV Show, Sci Fi
  • Bridesmaids: Chicks
  • Where’s the Gold: adventures of an old Gold Digger
  • Playboy: one for the boys!

The common thread in all of these video slots? Video, 3D animations, rich interaction between the game and the storylines, and just plain awesomeness.

Popular Video Slot Review

Thunderstruck 2 is one of the most popular video pokies online. It offers 5 reels, 243 payline combinations and lots of fun. Check out our Video Review.



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