Mega Moolah Summertime : Pokie Review

Mega Moolah Summertime is pretty popular for various reasons like free spins, multiplier, fixed jackpot, unique gambling and scatter symbols. The most impressive reason of this game’s popularity is the mega moolah summertimeprogressive jackpot with four levels. In Mega Moolah Summertime, you can have huge wins and fixed figures. The rewarding payout starts from $10 and it is linked with various other interesting features. You have to get a chance to win huge rewards in the form of money. Every player can add a huge amount of money in the game and can launch various new interactive functions. Here are a few features to consider for the sake of better performance.

In this game, the maximum limit for betting is 90 coins and it ranges from 0.01 to 0.20. Also, it would be easier to bet $18 in the game and bring handsome entertainment. Bright gplaynowraphics and colorful visuals provide better results and it becomes easy to have delighting play. The smooth effect of the game provides everyone the better chance and everyone can experience winnings in huge amounts. It is also a great way to have casinos enjoyment like River Belle, Platinum Play, Mummy’s Gold, Spin Palace and Royal Vegas Casino. The better entertainment comes in the game for perfect performance.

  • Wild Symbol Feature:

The logo of Mega Moolah Summertime is the wild symbol of the game and it can easily multiply your earnings or winnings. While playing the game, you will have to get five logo icons so that you may have better payouts. Also, you will be enabled to have a perfect performance in the game.

  • Scatter Symbol Feature:

This symbol is Beach icon and you need to have scatter symbols to attain healthy scatter rewards. When you will reach the limit, fifteen free spins will be rewarded in the game.

  • Free Spin Feature:

In Mega Moolah Summertime, it would become profitable for everyone. You can easily attain fifteen coins with complimentary spins. In this feature, your winnings are multiplied thrice and you can make a good deal of your money. The free spins can increase the ratings in the game. This game provides the perfect feature of free spin to all the players.

  • Bonus Round Feature:

Different features of the game are perfect one but Bonus round is appreciated all the time by dint of its exciting bonus and it occurs randomly. In this feature, you will be able to have four jackpots and will be able to attain your winnings and earnings four times better than anyone else. Why not use this feature to have handsome winnings.

All the features are great one but the Bonus Round feature is matchless and you need to use it for having better results. The great winnings and earnings are easily reachable now in Mega Moolah Summertime with this feature. Every aspect of life provides you entertainment but this micro slot game is worth-mentioning and playing for better entertainment in life. Just play it and enjoy for long time.

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Winning Online Live Roulette Tips

With the introduction of the new live dealer feature in the live roulette game, the game has been given a whole new dimension as the feature provides real and enthusiastic results trusted by all live rouletteplayers.  With this feature, live roulette still stands as the most popular live game online. No wonder many online games are also looking forward to add this live dealer feature so as to compete with roulette, the King of casino games which is quite exciting and with a lot of fantasy. In order to win this game, you should be aware of some tips:

  • Enjoy the traditional game play even in the online world

If you enjoy the traditional roulette game, then by no doubt you will find online live roulette a lot more exciting. The basics of the games are just the same only that you play one in a real casino and the other over your computer.

  • Follow the rules

The roulette game is basically a game of chances and luck but you can boost your chances of winning by following the restrictions of the bets. Remember you have no system to help you predict the next spinning outcome. Roulette rules are just simple to understand but very crucial to win in the game.

  • Choose a European roulette instead of American roulette

The difference between the two roulette games is the double zero in the American roulette whereas there is a single zero in the European roulette. The odds of winning are increased in this game than in the American roulette.

  • Plan a budget for playing roulette

This is very essential before you plan to play any casino game including online live roulette. Remember there is a sense of risk involved in playing any online casino game because they are all gambling games. Limit your budget to something that won’t hurt you if you lost in your betting.

  • Practice as often as possible

They say practice makes perfect. This is just the same case with online live roulette. The more you try the spin, the more likely you are to study the signature spin and thus increasing your prediction ability which will lead to higher winnings. Every time you are playing the game, try to work on your skills and sure enough you are bound to become a pro!

  • Accept and move on after losing

ruleta1You should come to terms with any eventuality in the game. Winning and losing are just likely outcomes and thus losing should never stress you all the time. Just understand that losing is just but part of the game. The more you take a loss as part of the game and learn from the mistakes committed, the stronger you emerge at the end of the day. Learn from the mistakes rather than stressing yourself. Just avoid spending more money on roulette strategies as they are all good for nothing! When you realize you are losing too often, get yourself a break or reduce the amount of bets.

All these are just tips to help you reduce losses or improve your chances of winning big in the game of live roulette. Apply them the next time you are playing the game and for sure you will be amazed with the results you get!

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Ski Bunny Slot Machine Game Review

This is a three-reel, 1-line and 1 coin fruit machine game played by spinning the reels so as to form a winning combination on the payline. The value of the win is determined by the combination formed from the spinning. This online game has risen to become one of the most played and entertaining online game played in the flash web based casinos online.

Ski Bunny SlotFeatures

This game is characterized by mainly three features as discussed below:

  • Hold features

This is where you hold the position of one or more reels for the next spin. Once this feature is activated, the hold button displays below each reel. Once this happens, click the hold buttons in order to choose the reel positions you want to hold. You can hold a maximum of three reels at a time. If you do not intend to hold any reels, you just have to cancel the hold buttons and reselect afresh the reels you intend to hold. You can then spin the reels by clicking on the spin button. The regular payout playnowschedule in this game determines the amount to be paid after realizing the winning combination.

  • The nudge feature

This feature is random and allows you to bump the reel to show the next figure. It is a crucial feature in ski bunny slot machine game as it allows up to four reel nudges per spin which is crucial in activating the nudges. You can click on the sneak peak arrows above the ski bunny fruit machine to review the next 2 symbols in the reels. This is essential in coming up with a better winning combination. Depending with the quantity of nudges held, and the number of displayed reels, you can form a winning combination of symbols.

  • Nudge bank held feature

This is a feature of the ski bunny where the awarded reel nudges are banked. Every spin may result to winning up to four reel nudges activating the nudge button. You then click the spin button to bank your nudges. You are allowed to hold up to four nudges. The banked nudges can then be reused later by clicking the spin button activating the nudge held light. This indicates all your accumulated nudges available for spinning. The combinations formed as a result of the spinning may result to a winning combination

  • Nudge repeat feature

Using this feature, you can win an equal number of nudges used in the previous spin. This is essential when all the current nudges are used. This is indicated when the nudge repeat light flashes. You can then bump the reels and see the reel combination displaying to create a winning symbol combination.

  • Gamble nudge feature

This is a tricky feature whereby you gamble with your current nudges to win more of them. Through this feature, you can win up to four additional nudges. In order to gamble your nudges, click the gamble button to stop the flashing numbers hence winning a certain number of nudges.  You can click gamble to gamble again or collect button to collect the nudges for use. After the procedure, you return back to the normal ski bunny slot machine game.

The features are many with each giving you an option to experience yet more fun and entertainment. If you learnt how to play the game, trust me, you will spend hours and hours of your free time enjoying it from the comfort of your desk at home. Besides enjoying the game, you can cash in a lot of money at every spin you make. While playing, you can try pretty hard to unlock the bonus game and enjoy your game all the way to your satisfaction.

You can win up to $5,000 with ski bunny slot machine game. The game is quite challenging yet very entertaining with numerous features to help in advancing your playing skills as you take on the ski bunny for a spin.

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Bubble Bonanza Pokie Game Review

Online gaming has been taken to a new level with the introduction of amazing slot machines with amazing graphics, animations and above all jackpots to win. This is to say that more BubbleBonanzaplayers now prefer online gaming to attending live casino centers for a game after a long day at work. There is no more inconvenience having to travel to and from casino centers when you can just enjoy the game right from the comfort of your home or office when you are free and feeling like playing. The bubble bonanza slot machine is one of the most trending online machines currently attracting many players from all quarters of the world because of its simplicity, high chances of hitting the jackpot and also amazing animations and sound effects that make the game lively and interesting.

playnowMore about Bubble Bonanza

It is among the latest micro gaming products doing the rounds online. It is more than just a usual game or average video poker games.   It’s actually a fun friendly game to play as you enjoy the amazing features such as bonuses and the various game modes.

You just need to match 3 or more similar symbols in a row to win. Get your fortune today in bubble bonanza and you could be the lucky winner of the jackpot as you manage to smash the bubble creatures invading the world. Playing the canon bonus will also go well to your winning big in this game. With a soothing music and bright colors, it true that you will never get bored playing the game. For those intending to betting bubble bonanza, the wins are very high and if you are lucky enough, you may go home with a jackpot! You can try it in any of the online casinos and enjoy your moments of leisure.

Theme of the Game

Weird creatures are invading earth and it is upon you to stop them by shooting them using your jet shooter. In the city streets, highways and coastal areas, the creatures are all over but you have the potential to stop them. Bubble bonanza is thus based on this catastrophe that needs to be prevented by all means. Play the bubble bonanza today and prove yourself as the mighty helper of the world by preventing the weird creatures from seizing the world. Use your paint gun properly to burst the bubbles from the streets and highways to protect the world from being invaded.

Our Take on the Game

Like most online games, bubble bonanza has been designed in a manner to make the play interesting and thrilling all through. Just imagine being the ultimate savior of the world! Bubble creatures invading and seizing the world at high speed and all the rescue depends with your ability to clear and burst the bubbles from the streets and highways. It is a big task that requires your creativity and swiftness to be able to control all of the bubbles. The feeling, the reactions together makes a thrilling game that you will ever want to play again and again.

This is one of the rare games online by micro gaming. The features of the game are amazing more especially, the animations and sound effects that make the game even more thrilling and exciting. The game has become quite popular among many online players and still more are joining to enjoy this exciting video slot. There are also big winning opportunities in bubble bonanza waiting for you to have your hands on it and crack the jackpot. The game is ready and available in many online micro gaming sites. Play now, enjoy and win big!

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Lucky Witch Online Slot Machine Review

When you get home from work tired and exhausted, you need something to cheer you up and refresh your mind right before you call it a day. An online game could actually do you luckywitchgood in such a case. There are actually thousands of online slot machine games today on the internet just for you to choose the best one for yourself. Among the many games, you could opt for the lucky which, a game that is currently gaining popularity in almost every online micro gaming site. This is a game that actually stands out from the crowd and probably you won’t wait to try your hands on it.

More about Lucky Witch

This is a 5-reel, 15-payline slot machine featured in various micro gaming sites because of its playnowhigh demand from the players across the world. With its amazing features and graphics, you definitely will like to play this game again and again at every single chance you are free. Talk of free spins, the bonus game and the huge winnings awaiting you; this is the next game you should consider in case you have not tried your hands on it. This is actually a game you will never get bored playing mainly because of its features and the winning opportunities awaiting you.

Features of the Lucky Witch

Nothing makes a game thrilling like its features. In the case of lucky witch, well there are various features that combined together, make the game one of the best. The standard reel symbols in this game are such as a cat symbol, owl symbol, toad, bonus game, scatters and free spins.

  • Scatter symbol

In this game the scatter symbols are the potion bottle symbols. While playing this game, always watch for these symbols as they are very crucial in the game winnings.

  • Wild symbol

These symbols increase your chances of winning. The symbols are stacked in all reels to help you spin through the game to the jackpot payout.

  • Free spins

There is nothing thrilling as having free spins in any online slot machine. Spinning three or more of the scatter symbols, you are rewarded with 13 free spins that accelerate you to the winning point as your chances are increased tremendously. When playing the free spins, the witch symbols also become wild symbols adding to the standard stacked symbols. The two make an impeccable winning combination and you can’t wait for this in the game.

  • Bonus game

You are awarded with a bonus game only when the cauldron symbol appears on reels 1, 3 and 5. There are four bonus feature games that are offered; magic potion, spell book pumpkin and secret vault features with each of the bonus features awarding random bonus prizes.

Theme of the Game

This game is actually based on witch crafty with various icons such as witch, owl, black cat, witches calendar, Iguana, witches brew, and Gargoyle among several others advancing the theme.

Our Take on the Game

This is a game that suits all kinds of players from all parts of the world whether pennies pushers or high rollers. With a betting range of $0.01-$0.2, this game is the best for anybody to play and win big in return. You are allowed to have a maximum of 20 coins per pay line and a maximum bet of 15,000 coins which means the chances of winning big prizes are very high. This is a game we recommend for anybody out there. The rules are simple and once you grasp the technicality of playing it, I am sure you will never have your hands off it. Well the game is out and ready for you. Enjoy it!

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Fortune Lounge Online Pokies Review

It is quite obvious that everybody needs an exciting moment right after a day’s long and tiring experience at work. Chilling out at casino centers used to be the norm but no more. This is because of the shifting and changing economic times where people have to work for longer hours so as to be able to help the family with various needs. This means limited time to attend such casinos and also the will to spend less as transport to andfortune lounge pokies from the centers. Online gaming is now on the rise as most of the games are designed in a manner to offer the same excitement and fun as when attending real casino centers. The fortune lounge adds up to the thrilling online slot machine games now popular and played by millions of people across the world.

More about Fortune Loungeplaynow

This is a 5-reel, 9-payline slot machine having up to 38 winning combinations. The game is designed with amazing features and graphics that make every move of the way exciting and thrilling.  The game also has several symbols that correspond to the theme of the game. These include; Royal Vegas, 7 sultans, Vegas Palms, desert dollar, Vegas villa ace, platinum play, Vegas towers queen, Vegas towers 10, fortune room king and Havana club 9. Playing the game is simple as the slots start with a short introduction about the game’s evolutions and expectations in the game.

Symbols of the Fortune Lounge

  • Wild symbol

This is the fortune lounge symbol in the game. It is a crucial symbol in the game as substitutes for any other symbol other than the scatters to increase the winning chances. The fortune lounge is also considered as a wild multiplier as it increases your win by 2.

  • Scatter symbol

In the fortune lounge slots, the scatter symbol is the players club. This symbol is also very crucial as it gives a payout immediately 2 or more of them appear on the reels. The symbol can also trigger the free spins if 3 or more of them appear on the reels. A maximum of 15 free spins with triple wins are possible in this case.

  • Free spins

Just like in most of the online slot machines, free spins are an added advantage to the player as they increase the chances of landing a big win. The same case is true with fortune lounge once the scatter symbol triggers free spins.

  • Gamble game

This is a tricky feature of the fortune lounge played at every level of win in the game. As the name itself suggests, you play this game gambling with your already won prizes. However, it is up to you to gamble or not.  If you go ahead to play the gamble game, you have a chance to double your win if you guess right the color of the cars facing down. You can as well quadruple the win if you guess right the suit of the card. Unfortunately if you guess the wrong color and suit of the cards; you lose all your previous wins. You can also collect your win after every successful gamble or keep on gambling till you reach the gambling limit or lose on the way.

Our Take on Fortune Lounge

Just like of the online slot machines coming up online, fortune lounge is one of the most thrilling and exciting game you can ever think of. You do not need to worry of the limited time available for you to play in the casino centers around you; online micro gaming has brought the games of your choice right to your desk to play anywhere and anytime when it is convenient for you. Fortune lounge is ready and available in many online micro gamming sites. Join now and enjoy!

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In It to Win It Slot Machine Review

In It to Win It SlotsOnline gaming has been on the rise in the past one decade as a result of the convenience of playing casino games online rather than having to attend them physically at the casino centers. Can you imagine of the driving expenses to and from casino centers, inconvenience of time trying to balance between works and attending casino games? The advantages of online games are quite many over physical participation at the casinos. For these reasons, micro gaming yet again came up with another thrilling and exciting slot machine, In It to Win It!

More about the gameplaynow

This is a 5-reel and 100 pay line game whose theme is based on Wall Street and the stock exchange. The main target of this game is to make money besides enjoying yourself and having fun as the head of a big corporation. The game is designed with amazing features and animations that make the play seem like a real life experience. This game is always about taking risks to get rewarded. The more risks you take, the higher the chances of winning big. It is as simple as that! You can decide to divide your capital into halves or simply play with all of it.

Features Of In It to Win It

Features of this game make it more thrilling with symbols such as cash, a limo, diamonds a private jet and a millionaire. The background of the game is set with a huge mansion all representing a wealthy package which anyone could enjoy to have. Let’s have a look at each of the symbols and the opportunities they are likely to open for you to win big in this game;

  • Scatter symbol

This is the symbol to trigger a free game bonus round. It comes when three or more scatters on the reels. In order to hit this, you really need to make big business decisions just like in real business situations. With four briefcases presented to you, you only have a chance to choose one and be able to win up to 25 free games!

  • Wild symbol

This is a special symbol in this game as it helps you to form winning combinations. Once the wild symbols are triggered, they will replace all other icons other than the scatters as they help you build and impeccable win in the game.

With specific combinations of the wild symbols, you can trigger the bonus games that will steer you towards a big win. For example, hitting more than 3 tycoon symbols, you trigger a bonus game where you will make a choice to determine whether you will win money or not. Betting goes as high as $ 3000 which means even the high rollers have a chance to participate here and create chances to win even more.

Our Take on This Game

This is definitely a game worth playing. Unlike other online video slots, this game allows all people to participate i.e. even the high rollers. With typical, unique and amazing graphics, there is nothing more you would be looking out for in another game when in it to win it slot is here. Many of the players that have tried this game out have immensely enjoyed it; I did too and think it is the best game you should check out on. When several casino offers are rolling out across the internet, watch for this game and give it a try. it is beyond mere words to describe the kind of excitement you will have right from your office or home as you chill out for a chance to win big money altogether. Enjoy!

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Throne of Egypt Online Pokies

Throne of Egypt is also a 5-reel game with 25 pay lines. When it comes to graphics and Throne Of Egypt Pokiedesign, you would see that the game has been loaded with superior images and designs that would surely entice the players to enjoy the game. The sounds and animations are also on its best levels. The game is packaged well to be one of the most played slot games all over the world. It includes wilds, scatters, and free spins for the players and even a bonus round. The maximum payout on this game is up to 50000 coins. You would never experience any blissful game as it is.

The Theme of Throne of Egypt

The theme of this slot game is coming from the past Egyptians in the world. You would see that there are symbols that are associated with Egyptian’s culture and artifacts from the past up to the present. The symbols include scarab beetles that are truly colorful, Pharaoh’s, and even Cleopatra. You can also notice some eagles, treasure chests, and Anubis. The scatter on this game is the Cobra, and surely brings out hefty spins and multipliers when you hit the jackpot prize. A player would be able to get 15 free spins when you have a cobra scatter on either reel one or reel five. This is really a rare happening but it can also be so powerful.

At the last part of the page, you would notice that there are notifications, stats, and expert. When you hit the expert button, it does add up automatic plays to all the buttons that are found beneath the slot. This is really interesting especially for expert players whenever they play from 5 up to fully spins that are automatic.

Features of Throne of Egypt

  • There are bonus features that can be played on this game. It offers huge payouts to the players especially during free spins.
  • The bonus feature is awarded to a player when they have a 3-centre reel. When you are taken to the bonus game, you have the option to find and select a beetle until you find the exact key that will surely bring you on to the next level of the game.
  • In this game, there are two chambers that can lead you to the next round after you find the first key. The first one is the Eagle chamber. When using this chamber, you get 3 chances to make sure that you advance on to the next level. The number of eagle chambers is 9.
  • If you find the key from the Eagle Chamber, it will surely lead you to the next chamber which is called the Princess Chamber. You have the option to choose 1 up to 3 princesses and it can give you a reward of a multiplier during your winnings on the bonus feature game.


To sum it all up, you will be able to find a game that you would surely enjoy from the start up to the last part. It is full of enticement and adventure all throughout. It is hard to deny the fact that most of the players surely enjoy the game that is the reason why there are many people who have played the free games online to make sure that they are able to master the game when they start playing the real one. Get the chance to win your own game, enjoy and have fun to the fullest. Play it by yourself or with your friends and loved ones if you want to make the most out of it.

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Octopays Slot Review – An Underwater Adventure

The Video Slot Machine – Octopays

Octopays SlotsIf you are thinking of a video slot machine game that is full of underwater adventure, then you have come to the right topic. Octopays is an enjoyable slot machine game that is marine themed with lots of ways on how to get ample of wins every time you play.

The Features of Octopays

This game is ideal for those who have played slot games previously. It offers easy and simple rules that are surely elaborated well before entering the game. The game was introduced to the public in the year 2012 and it amazingly hit their target players instantly. It is a non-progressive game with 8000 maximum coins for jackpot. There are free spins available and offers a scatter symbol. Here are some special symbols that one needs to look out for when playing the game:

  • Baby Octopus – Found on reels 2 and 4 that activates the Kraken Feature. This is one of the wildest symbols that are on the game. Kraken is considered as a legendary monster on the sea and is an important feature especially in the bonus round. Whenever you do a free spin, you will see that the card is placed on the wheels on a random order. If you are a lucky player, this wild symbol can surely bring out the best game in you, and can take you to success.
  • Moray Eel – This is a bonus wild card that is found on reel 3. It offers some multipliers in the bonus round.

This slot game is fun and exciting as players will be dealing with cute baby octopuses, hammerhead sharks, reef dwelling fishes, and other wild cards that are included on the game. It offers up to a maximum of $4,000 for the jackpot prize, and this is what it takes to win the entire game. For more simple instructions, it would be good to see the game online to reveal the real challenge by other online players.

When it comes to betting, there is an option to bet from 0.01 to 0.50 coin denomination. Any player may be able to use up to a maximum of ten on every line. This would only mean that those slot players with penny can still be catered and some high rollers may be able to push through the envelope with some bets up to a maximum of $150 per play.

Surely in every game that you play, you will have more chances to win since there are bonus features that can truly be irresistible and appealing to all players. After playing the game, you would surely say that it is best to play the game with real money because it is somehow fun and rewarding. This is why most players choose to play this game instead of any other slot games available online or in real casinos. Check out some online sites where most online players meet and have some of this game. Explore the game on every site so you would know how enjoyable it is to play a game with underwater features with you and other players. Payout is best!


This is a pleasant way with 243 reasons to win the game! It offers a promising feature that could surely take you to where you want to be while enjoying this underwater game. If you are willing to learn and have some fun at the same time, this slot game is really recommended to slot machine players all over the world. Try the free version online so you would know and figure out how to play the game.

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Mad about Loaded Pokies

When we talk about slot games, we usually think of the usual games that are played by slot players on the casinos. But these days, it is different. Since online casinos have become famous as well, there are so many people who got hooked playing with it. The slot games are found easy to play because of the rules that are given to the players. With this article, we will tackle one slot game that has become popular with most players in the world.

What is Loaded Slot Game?

If you are more into hip-hop artists that are selling multi-million, then you have reached Loaded Pokiesthe right game there is. With this micro gaming slot, you will see that it is just all about a lifestyle that is over-powering.

This game is brimming with hip-hop metaphors. Get to see three various hardly clothe ladies who wish to have political correctness. The equipments that you will see in this game are as follows:

  1. Cars that are pimped-out
  2. Lucrative yachts
  3. Playboy star mentions
  4. DJ turntables

The maximum bet that you can play with this game is just up to 500 coins but you think twice because this game is just all about money and fortune! It offers 5 reels and the pay lines are 25. The bid values are taken from a single penny up to a quarter. The standard jackpot that you will receive from this game is 7000 coins. Oops! Do not be sad because there are several multipliers on the game that will let you win even up to more than a million coins as you can get. Yes, that is absolutely true!

If you spin the reels 7 times and get triple 7 symbols, you will get a win if you get to activate a pay line that this certain symbol may complete.

When you see a “bling-bling” symbol on the game, which means you are dealing with the scatter. Any two scatter on the reels will eventually give you a great win. If you hit more than two of it, you will become more interested with the bonuses that will be offered to you.

You will have an option to choose from the three women that you see in the game. One will offer you a free spin and the other a multiplier. If you get 24 spins that is free, you will get a double winning. If you get 16 spins that is free, then you will see that it will triple your winnings. If you see 12 spins that is free, then you see that your winnings are quadrupled.

Virtual casinos offer Loaded to many online slot players because they know that it is one of the most wanted. People get the chance to choose to play online because online casino games offer more pay back to the players than any other real-time casinos out there.

There are some players who get the chance to play this game through membership or even through leasing. There are some that would offer “live” online casinos so it would even become more exciting for the players. Some of the casino sites that you can go to are:

  1. Microgaming
  2. RealTime Gaming
  3. Playtech

Because this game is really fun and exhilarating, there are even some players who choose to download the games on their PCs or on their mobile phones. The software would simply connect you to the service provider of the casino. These downloaded casino games are run even faster than those that are played online. So you choose which ones are best suitable for you.

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