Avalon Online Slot Review; the Treasures of Camelot

Microgaming is now known for the wonderful game it has brought forth and this installment is no different. As the name suggests Microgaming has taken the Legend of King Arthur and brought it for your enjoyment in the form of a five reel twenty payline video slot game. With images of Avalon, The Lady of the Lake, Kings and Queens and wonderful medieval soundtrack to accompany you, it is like you have been transported into the ancient lands of Camelot.

As is expected of Microgaming games, Avalon offers some options for customization. You can adjust the sound levels of the game and even have access to two different playing modes in the game; expert mode and quick spin option. While in expert mode you can use the auto play option. The game accepts coins from $0.1 to $0.5 with a coin limit of up to 200 coins.

The symbol of Avalon acts as the wild symbol. This is used to substitute any other symbol other than the scatter symbol to complete the winning combination. It also offers a significant reward when it appears on any given line. The scatter icon is the Lady of the Lake. Two Lady of the Lake symbols is a straight win and if you get three or more scatter symbols, you are awarded twenty free spins. All winnings during the spins are subjected to multiplier with the best case being five Lady of the lake equating to a time 200 multiplier. During the free spin round you also have another symbol that acts as a wild symbol and that is the treasure chest symbol

There is also a bonus gambling mode available which is only accessible after a win. The win could be during normal play or in the free spin play.

All in all the game is a masterpiece and ticks all the right boxes. It is exciting and very rewarding to those who will take the chance and play it.

As with all worthy pursuits, you need a working strategy for it. The first and foremost requirement would be a budget. Make a budget and stick to it. Also only bet what you can afford to lose. You should also take breaks in between your playing sessions. It is also important to remember to not bet more when you’re losing. With that I hope you have a wonderful experience.

Hellboy Slot Review

This game is based on a science fiction comic book character ‘Hellboy’. This series was written and drawn by Mike Mignola. The game was released in 2008 in various countries like North America, Europe and Australia. All these gadgets have a similar storyline but a different version. This game is played on the following gadgets:

  • Playstation 3
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation Portable

Game popularity:

The series was an unfamiliar autonomous series at the time of release so at first, the game was a commercial failure. It took almost four years in developing the game. There were certain other features in the game that caused it droop. These included:

  • PC version enclosed with bugs
  • Playstation version was graphically substandard
  • Playstation version was inferior to the other games released years before
  • Both the games had dreadful controls

About the game:

The game consists of four playable characters:

  • Hellboy
  • Abe Sapien
  • Liz Sherman
  • Lobster Johnson

The levels have many different stages and courses which are fully occupied by several enemies that vary in different chapters. The enemies in one stage must be defeated to continue to the next point of the chapter. The Hellboy has a right hand Doom for hand to hand fighting.  Different combinations are made my mixing the quick and steady attacks. As he kills his enemies, his energy increases and is stored in his health meter.

Hellboy’s weapons:

Hellboy executes other attacks like slams, smash, head butts and crashing the opponent till it dies. He uses a powerful weapon called the ‘Samaritan’ which is an oversized pistol. It fires single shots of a variety of bullets like heavy, splinter or grenade. There are puzzle elements used in the game to make it more interesting. Obstacles and locked doors to stop Hellboy are one component of this game.


Bonus ammunition:

The bonus is obtained in the form of ammunition like winning a ‘charge’ by killing certain rivals. Or it is able to pick up a variety of things like:

  • Barrels
  • Hammers
  • Pipes
  • Rocks
  • Parts of enemies

Game Reviews:

The game received pessimistic and negative reviews on the opening release. While a few of the critics praised their combat style but most were the complaints about the boring and repetitive game play. And also the graphics of the game were not up to the current generation standards. It received different rankings all over the world.

  • 58% by EGM magazine
  • 7/10 by Game Informer
  • 4/5 by Game pro
  • 5/10 by Team Xbox

No Deposit Bonuses at Casinos

All the casinos introduce a number of types of bonuses and promotional offers which are intended to attract more customers and also to retain the current customers for a long time. There are a number Bonusof experienced gamblers who exclusively select a casino based on their bonus and other promotional offers. There is a type of bonus system by the name of ‘No Deposit Bonus’ which is one of the highly opted bonus offers by the gamblers. The casinos usually demand the players to deposit some money at the time they sign up. They need to have something in their gambling account before they can play for real money. The no deposit bonus system is beneficial in the sense that it doesn’t require the gambler to deposit any money initially and he can still play for real money in any game he wants in the casino. It is helpful and beneficial in the sense that the player doesn’t have his own hard earned money at stake. Rather the casino itself is sponsoring him for his bet by giving him a no deposit bonus offer.

Types of no deposit bonus:

A no deposit bonus is always offered when a player signs up with an online casino. The online casinos put their own money to allow the gambler to play his favorite online casino game without putting his own money at risk. This is one of the most lucrative offers for the player to join a particular online casino. Further, the casinos also benefit a lot with such offers in the long run because at later sometime the player has to deposit some money and also when he loses, the house takes its share as well. All online casinos don’t have this offer, so if you think that it is an exciting and a useful offer, then search for those online casinos who give this offer. The no deposit bonus in online casinos are of 2 types which are as follows:

  1. Cashable Bonus – The cashable type of no deposit bonus allows the player to get his bonus money in advance and it isn’t given to the player along with his any of the winning money when he wishes to withdraw.
  2. Non cashable bonus – The non cashable type of no deposit bonus can be withdrawn. Rather, the gambler can only use this money to play online using it as real money. Further, it is the bonus which later on gets adjusted with the winnings of the player.

These types of bonuses are not offered at all casinos. There are online casinos which will offer either one of these no deposit bonuses. The player should think well about which of the no deposit bonus type he likes and then can choose a particular online casino which offers that particular no deposit bonus offer.

Requirements to meet in order to withdraw the no deposit bonus:

The players cannot draw their no deposit bonus straight away after they get deposited in their gambling account. Rather, they have to meet certain requirements before they can do the needful. They need to reach the wagering threshold requirement which is a criterion to withdraw the no deposit casino bonus. This requirement vary from one online casino to the other and the gambler should check first that what is the standard of the online casino that he has joined for the no deposit bonus withdrawal.

Red Hot Devil Online Slot

Slot Game “Red Hot Devil” is the brand new addition in the arsenal of Microgaming and too straight from the underworld. There is definitely a double meaning in the Red Hot Devil Slot name which is yet to be explored. It is not just everything wreathed in the fire, but the leading female character of the Red Hot Devil Slot game is also a ‘hot’ thing to have in the game. The game is loved by its variety of bonus features which are extremely lucrative for the online players and attracts them a lot to put some decent bet in the Red Hot Devil Slot game.

Red Hot Devil SlotThe Red Hot Devil Slot is a 5 reel video slot game with 25 pay lines. The reels are so designed that it gives the impression of the fiery hell. All the symbols used in the Red Hot Devil Slot game are related to hell or at least they have fire associated with them. Some of the popular symbols in the game include cherries, lips, a snake, a scorpion, 7’s, playing cards, roses, a trident and the more popular is the she-devil herself. The wild Red Hot Devil symbol appears to be on Reel #2, #3 and #4 of the game. The scatter icon in the Red Hot Devil Slot game is a burning gem having the shape of a heart which is intended actually to trigger the main feature of the game.

Bonus Features:

The bonus features at the Red Hot Devil Slot game are activated automatically by landing 3 or more of the scatter icons anywhere possible in the view. Once you get hold of this then the game will offer you to choose from three different features which are as follows:

  1. 10 free bonus spins with increasing multipliers – The online players gabling at the Red Hot Devil Slot game will get you 10 free spins every time you land a scatter icon on reels one or five and the multiplier will increase as well.
  2. Wheel-of-Fire – Your online screen will show you 10 fiery orbs and you will be required to just pick them in order to reveal the prizes behind the orbs. Once you find the jester icon, the Red Hot Devil Slot game comes to an end. Some of the other icons used in the Red Hot Devil Slot game are hearts which give out a prize and also allow you to go once again. Also the heart symbol used in the game is also a multiplier bonus. If the player is able to activate this “Wheel-of-fire” bonus round with three or four scatter icons, then the player will have a multiplier of 2x. Activating this particular bonus round with 5 will get the online player a 3x multiplier.
  3. Red Hot Wild Reels – In the Red-Hot-Wild Reels bonus round, the online player will get 10 spins for free and the reel 2-3 and 4 will turn on to be fully wild on each spin in the round. In case you land a scatter on the other two reels which are #1 and #5 then these 2 reels will also go wild. A scatter on both of the 1 and 5 reels simultaneously will turn both wild and will also help you earn 10 extra free spins.

Jurassic Park Casino Slot Game

The online casinos have revolutionized over the past few years and several new versions have made their way to the online casino market. New themes have been introduced and all have something special and thrilling to offer to the online players. The movie based video slots have become the norm and are preferred by a large number of online players due to the thrill and excitement associated with such games. The Jurassic Park slot is one such game which took the center stage very quickly in the online casinos. The game is based on the blockbuster movie, Jurassic park which people still recall as one of the finest movies ever produced in the Hollywood.

Look and feel of the Jurassic Park slot game:

jurassicThe Hollywood movie Jurassic Park won Oscar awards for its brilliance in visual and sounds and that’s what laid the foundation of the Jurassic Park slot game theme. Microgaming incorporated the best of the 3D technology and the cutting edge web technology to make this game truly entertaining for the online players. The game theme is based on the jungle which gives you the true environment of a jungle with a light wind blowing the leaves. The dinosaurs in the game are so good to see as they give very true feeling of the great movie Jurassic Park. The graphics technology used is the main unique selling point of the game as no one can stay away from appreciating it. Realism was the key in the setting up and designing of the sound of the game which truly make a great combination along with the magnificent graphics of the game.

The Jurassic Park slot game play:

Just as in many other video slot games, the Jurassic Park slot game has 243 ways of winning on the pay line which goes from the base game to the free spins and also the bonus rounds on top of that. The scatter icon wins are multiplied by the total bets placed by the gambler which can pay in any position.

The main star cast of the Jurassic park movie makes the icons in the base game from where the gambler starts his game. The T-Rex mode gets activated randomly in the game. You literally need to be in good terms with T-Rex in the slot game, unlike in the movie where they used to run away.

The 3, 4 and 5 scatter icons having in one go will activate one of the 5 bonus rounds of the slot game randomly. The 5 bonus rounds are named after the dinosaurs as follows:

  • Tyrannosaurus Rex
  • Dilophosaurus
  • Velociraptor
  • Triceraptors
  • Brachiosaurus

The bonus rounds get the opportunity for the online players to have as much as 12 free spins in each of those rounds. Further, the online gamblers also have the liberty and options of taking the advantage of many other features in the bonus rounds just as they come their way.

Unfortunately, in the Jurassic park video slot game, the players do not have any option to choose a bonus round according to their will. Actually, they get triggered randomly in the game and the player is bound to play that particular bonus round only. The mysterious multipliers compensate beautifully for that feature which activates the free spin bonus feature for 25 times with the exception of Brachiosaurus.

Reel Gems Slot Game Review

As the name suggests, Reel Gems is all about shining gems, reels, spins, re-spins, coins, wins and betting. Reel Gems has five reels and 243 different ways to win. The game exquisitely meets the expectations of micro gamers who love winning coins and betting. Its display is surrounded by irreplaceable gems and glittering stones like rubies, sapphires and diamonds. The sparkling gems clearly reflect the nature of rewards.

ReelGemsElegant Features:

The graphics of Reel Gems are considerably superb. Eye pleasing brightness of gems makes the gameplay more beautiful and full of fun. Audio and sounds are a plus which gives Reel Gems a lively experience. The music stops for a while when the reel spins so that users may think more about the outcome of the spin. Silence in those moments creates an environment of suspense and excitement about the result of a spin. The background music is quite appropriate to the theme of the game. The symbols of the gems make the theme of the game more exquisite.

Re-spin and free spin:

The Reel Gems has the distinguishing feature of re-spin. It can be played after every spin at the cost of coins. The cost depends upon the amount which could be won by re-spinning that reel. It could be ten to twenty percentage of a total win. It is possible to bet more on a re-spin. However, it is advisable not to re-spin every time because it may cost a player more he pays for a re-spin. If a player has two scatters in two reels then it’s better to take a chance on re-spin. Feature of re-spin is interesting in a sense that players have to decide whether or not a re-spin should be played and if yes what reel to re-spin. Free spinning option is an addition to the ongoing entertainment in Reel Gems.

Easy to play:

Since Reel Gems is highly user-friendly, it’s very easy to understand Reel Gems. Complete instructions are given in the form of help section and explanations. There are Reel Gems wild symbols in the game. The diamond ring is something which pays in any position. In addition to this, having three or more than three diamond ring on the display gives fifteen free spins. It tripled the wins. This enhances the jackpot up to 120,000 coins so far maximum bet is concerned. In short Reel Gems is really an amazing plate form to spend plenty of time in a relaxing manner. The provision of statistics in Reel Gems helps player keep in touch with the overall progress. People who find pleasure in playing bets and spins have an immense level of entertainment in Reel Gems.

Betting features:

The sizes of the coins vary from one cent to twenty cents. 250 coins are the maximum a player can bet. Expert mode in Reel Gems provides players with various betting options and their selections. Moreover, the game has a wide range of betting which is fascinating.

Keeping in mind all the features including, graphics, sounds, theme, jackpots, re-spin, Reel Gems can comfortably be rated as one of the top betting and casino related games.

Cashanova Slot Review

The fascinating story of Roger rooster and his sweetheart Henrietta turned into an awesome game when Cashanova was released by Microgaming in 2006. Cashanova has five reels and thirty pay lines. When a winning combination is hit, the entertaining music of Cashanova SlotCashanova makes the environment full of lights and pleasure. It can be said a conventional game, but, the level of amusement is drastically enhanced. A quite unique and touching feature of love, devotion in it gives a complete different and cheerful experience of playing a bet game.

There are many charming symbols of Roger rooster and love of his life, Henrietta, hen-house magazine, fruit platter and some other eye-pleasing objects. Cashanova is considered as one of the best games ever released so far as casual genre and betting games category is concerned. The funny images of the characters in this game make it more lively and worth playing for hours. It’s an amazing opportunity to spend the weekend with Roger and his girlfriend and win a lot of coins. Cashanova also offer a jackpot of 15,000 coins to win. It is non-progressive game by Microgaming.

Symbols and characteristics:

Casanova is a game with lots of beautiful symbols which reflects the romanticism of a happy hen family of Roger. The hero of the story, Roger, is the wild symbol that can substitute the symbols for symbols except the bonus and scatter symbol. The scatter symbol in the Cashanova is the hen-house Magazine. More the scatter symbols, the more intense a player can get with the multiplier. The Cashanova comes with 34 winning combinations. The Maximum number of coins are 300. Berry Bowl, Whipped Cream and Corn Chocolate are some of the other interesting symbols that you can find in this game.


There are couples of bonus rounds, barn bonus and lucky bonus, which are generated by two different set of symbols. Lucky bonus offers fifteen free spins with a multiplier up to five times. The players who choose barn bonus have to search the key to uncover another bonus game. In other words, Roger is supposed to find an appropriate gift for Henrietta. The size of bonus entirely depends on how much Henrietta has liked the gift. The life of Roger is now revolving around finding the right gift. If you have chosen the right gift, chances of winning the game would be higher. When the bonus game come into the play jackpot start touching the heaven with up to 187,500 coins.

The range of betting:

The Cashanova offers a range of bets. It varies from 0.01$ to maximum 0.25$. In any line, the player cannot bet more than 10 coins.

So here is the chance to sit, relax and enjoy the memorable romance of Roger and Henrietta. This romantic story will surely bring along with it plenty of wins and bonuses. The colorful environment with equally colorful music is what the Cashanova is all about. Lovers of betting and affection cannot help playing Cashanova for hours.

Lucky Koi Pokie Review

Serene, and highly peaceful, Lucky koi is another fascinating game by Microgaming, released in January 2014. It provides a great opportunity to spend time in a surprisingly peaceful manner. Water gardens full of frogs, koi fishes, water lilies, turtles and other elegantly animated creatures creates an environment where winning coins is a completely different experience. It rarely happens in a game where lucky koithe player can enjoy the enchanting sceneries as well as make coins at the same time. Playing Lucky koi is time well spent in the tranquility of the Far East, where chances are many to win big with scatters, wild symbols and free spins.

A magnificent place where exquisite water ponds, peace and huge prizes rule. Luck is, no doubt, a prime fun factor in this game. The game also introduces the Japanese culture. Excessively relaxing music and superb graphics take the game to a completely new level. It promises to take you in a new world away from the tensions of your life.

Gameplay and symbolism:

Lucky koi presents twenty five pay lines, five reels and huge amounts of coins. The players who like betting and awards Lucky koi is even more appealing to them. Beautiful logo of the Lucky koi serves as the wild. In pokies games, Lucky Koi is clearly an exception so far its eye-pleasing icons, symbols and graphics are concerned. It also offers a practice session.

The garden scatter symbol generates instant rewards and bonus if three or more appear anywhere on the reels. The bonus round brings two attractive options of free spin and the koi bonus. In free spin option a player will be given up to 30 of free spins and multiplier up to five times. In the second option, Koi bonus feature, the player has to go fishing. A player has to select the appropriate looking fish. A fishing rod will do this job. After catching a fish, players have to put it in a basket where fish will shake a number of coins. After selecting between these two options players will be awarded.

There are twenty five ways a player can win in Lucky Koi. There are no playing card symbols, but Japanese symbols. The wild and scatters give opportunity to win bonus rounds and the ability to substitute symbols.

Betting Features:

Lucky koi offers a range of bet from 0.01 to 0.10. The maximum amount a player can bet is 25. Luck factor plays an immense role in winning big prizes, like in any other casino game. Undoubtedly, betting is all about luck.

However, Lucky koi is something beyond just winning and losing. Its appealing music and graphics are so pleasant that even not winning big awards become a pleasure. It’s the time to play Lucky koi to find out how lucky you are. If luck is not in your favor, still, there are plenty of things to play and enjoy.

How To Play Online Casino Games Smart

Are you an online casino player?  Do you have the passion to be smart at all times whenever you play an online casino game?  Well then, you have to be very vigilant with your moves at all times to make sure that you bring home the winning glory. The main question to this is: How to play online casino games smart?

online gamblingOnline casino games are just past time hobbies for many individuals. Some may access these mobile casino games through their portable gadgets such as iPad, iPhone, or laptop. As long as there is a wi-fi connection or even a mobile data, then any individual will have the opportunity to become a player. If it is your first time playing an online casino game, then you have some tendencies to make decisions that could not even benefit you, even just a single cent. Online casino games would always encourage each player to get a real deal, something that would involve real money on it. But it would not be a wise decision if you would take the chance without even knowing the rules and techniques on how to play online casino games smart.

The most common problem with the online casino players is what the time that they are advised to bet. Some stakes can run that high. Some players get too excited not even knowing how to play the online game smart. Any player should be aware of his or her budget. If you were the player, and you have already set a limit on your entire game, then you would know when to stop playing the game. For starters, it is also advisable to use just prepaid debit cards in order to set limits to themselves. Using credit cards would not do any good at all because it would not allow you to stop betting.

Another important thing to remind individuals when playing an online casino game is that the game is really time consuming. It may just look like you have just been playing a few minutes where in fact, you have already played for an hour. Setting up a schedule for the players is a must. It would help them greatly with managing their time and avoiding on becoming online casino addicts. Always remember that it is all right to play online casino games at times when you think you that you just want to do something at night before you hit the sack. If that is the case, then you can always be a smart player.

There is no secret answer on how to play online casino games smart. Everyone has the ability to do good at all times. They just have to be remindful of these that has been discussed above. Without self-control, everything may be gone so quick. Learn through process and do not rush on everything when it comes to playing online casino games. Your luck may come on a good timing, and you just have to wait for that. There are no difficult rules to follow, just self-control.

Lord Of The Rings Slot Machine Review

With the advancement of online gaming, more games have been launched on the internet for online players to enjoy their free time and probably make something out of it. Lord of the rings is one of the biggest movies ever and now having it as an online slot machine is a great idea of micro-gaming to millions of fans across the world. With a great array of graphics, sound and visual effects, bonus games, free spins and reel wins, this is the game for any online player to look out for during your free time. It is time you therefore sought this game and enjoyed most of your time from the comfort of your home.

More about the lord of the rings slot machine

Lord of the RingsThis is a five reel, 50 pay line slot machine by micro-gaming. With impressive sound effects, visual effects, bonus games and many more, Lord of the rings has emerged as one of the best online games ever and still many new players joining in on a daily basis. Start playing the lord of the rings today and you could be the lucky winner of cash prizes besides entertaining yourself.

Amazing Features of the lord of the rings

The lord of the rings is designed with several amazing features that make the game worth the time spent playing it.

Slot machine bonuses

This game offers a number of game bonuses that together make it exciting and amazing playing the game at your convenient time. There are those bonuses that trigger free spins such as the Gandalf’s Fireworks, the balrog and Galadriel stairway; cash awards like the Garden Heist and those that multiply your wins such as the Pracing pony among others. Arwen’s Rescue on the other hand is a type of bonus game that turns a number of reels into the wild which creates better chances of winning. Remember with 5 wilds on the reels, you are bound to win big cash prizes than in any other case.

Lord of the rings symbols

There are various symbols of this game that you should always look out for while playing this game. These include;

The lord of the rings logo, which is the wild symbol- The symbol may present the best awards and activate other amazing features such as the bonus games and free spins among others. The symbol is usually stacked on the reels while playing the game and during the free spins. The symbol may substitute any other symbol in the game thus presenting you with more winning combinations.

The scatter symbol- This is also a crucial symbol in this slot machine to help multiply your total bet for up to 100 times. The more the scatter symbols you have on the reels, the more the award is.

The lord of the rings jackpot

The aim of every player is to hit this jackpot worth 400 coins. You can only get this when you have 5 wild symbols on adjacent reels. This jackpot is not as big as in the case of other slots, but the chances of winning are high with 243 ways. The betting range is also not so good from $0.01-0.02 but allows for smaller but frequent wins with a maximum jackpot of $80. Because the game has a progressive jackpot, you do not need to worry about the betting range.

Our take on the game

The game has received a huge reputation as one of the best in the online gaming industry. Many of the online casinos available offers this game, meaning that you can play it from whichever casino you feel is reputable and reliable. This is a long waited epic slot machine and now it is here for you to enjoy and win big prizes as illustrated.

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