Is it possible to win consistently in online pokies? Let's analyze the game and observe strategies you can apply to improve your chances.

All online pokies have a side game, where you can double your winnings by betting on a suit or colour. Online pokies games have an accumulated bonus that you can win if you are lucky. Unlike spinning the reels, these bets do not have any real advantage for the online casino, which means that it is probably a better way to win, than winning on the spins of the reels.

If for example, you are playing for a top jackpot of 9,000 credits for five of a wild symbol, the odds of you winning are 2,500,000 to 1. If you were to gamble 500 credits for a black or red suit you could win 16,000 credits. The odds of getting five red or black in a row are 1 in 64. This means that you have a better chance of winning. This implies that the credits you will win will be are far greater than the top jackpot. Therefore, it makes more sense to play with these odds.

Now, if you were to select to gamble on a suit, the chances of getting five correct suits in a row are 1 to 1024. Of course, the win profit in a suit would be massive.

These examples show that playing a double has more chances of winning than aiming for the jackpot and the chances of winning are much higher.

But, you can only avail this opportunity after you have actually scored a win on the reels. Once you win on the reels, you normally want to gamble more and go in for a killing, and whistle your way to the bank. But, if you have the odds worked out, your chances of nibbling away with small winnings and making more money are enhanced. You just need to show some restraint after your initial win and while playing a gamble.

The mathematics used in throwing up numbers is based on the random theory and cannot be fixed. Playing a colour instead of a suit shows that the chances of five cards of the same colour being dealt are higher than that of the same suit. There are thirteen cards in a suit and twenty six cards in two suits. Therefore, the chances of five cards getting selected from a stack are greater than five getting selected from a suit. If you play any card game like poker, etc. you know what your chances of winning are.